20 Nov 2018
The Junior Achievement Experience
Stefano Malinen - Y7

During my fifth year at the American Academy Larnaca, some friends and I were first introduced to the Junior Achievement Competition. Eager to dive into the, at the time, new to us business world, we decided to take place in the competition.

Following several brainstorming sessions, often leading to ideas we did not go through with at the end, we devised one that did; ShoeGoo. ShoeGoo Shoe Polish, our model company that I had the pleasure of being the Chief Executive Officer of, produced a shoe polish that made shoes shine whilst giving them a water repellent attribute, manufactured in Cyprus with nothing but natural ingredients. Following the success of ShoeGoo, which had reached the ‘Top Ten Finalists Stage’ in the 2015-2016 Competition, I sought to expand my knowledge of the ever-evolving world of business and decided to take part in the competition again.

Having had the experience already, I took on the role of Chief Operating Officer in my new team; Profusion. Profusion set a goal to help make future a better place by recycling plastic, that would otherwise be wasted and transforming it into useful products, such as coasters and keyrings. This secured a place for us in the ‘Top Ten Finalists Stage’ and lead to us being honoured with the ‘Best Company Business Report Award’. Would I do it again? Absolutely. These experiences have allowed me to gain invaluable insights into the daily intricacies of business operations, while competing in a real, dynamic economy. The significance of teamwork was constantly evidenced by the ability of overcoming complex problems through combined efforts.

I highly encourage all students to pursue this experience, as it is one that will not be forgotten. The bonds with team members will only grow stronger, both through failures and successes. The entrepreneurial horizons will only expand. The love and appreciation for the topic of business will only be extended. It is an opportunity to apply textbook theories into the real world; an opportunity not to be missed.

My involvement in this competition has helped me discover my passion for entrepreneurship and is one of the main reasons which have lead me to pursue a career in business and management.

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To many students the experiences leading up to graduation are priceless...
To many students the experiences leading up to graduation are priceless...
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