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American Academy Larnaca

Within these walls, students learn to embrace their curiosity, take on the risk of dreaming big and the challenge of making a difference in the world.

Imagine a school where artists, scholars and athletes find a space to explore their individual talents with the nurturing guidance of experts. Imagine a community that fosters interdisciplinary learning that takes place as much in the classroom as it does outside of it. The American Academy Larnaca is such a school and it has called itself home to the ambitions of countless students since 1908.

It was founded by those who imagined a school that would rethink the purpose of secondary education, and it has continued in the tradition by providing students with an immersive educational experience that encourages autonomous, lifelong learning. No matter what the area of study, students of all years learn the power of maintaining an inquisitive attitude to learning by collaborating, debating, questioning and creating in an environment that celebrates all forms of achievement.

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Graduation Ceremony 2018

Graduation Ceremony 2018

Class of 2018, welcome to the family of alumni that has served our community for over a century.

The Real University Experience

The Real University Experience

Graduates from across 25 U.K. Universities visited our school to help answer Year 6 & 7 student questions on what the real University experience is all about.

Upcoming Events
Your class representative is your voice in the school.
Help acquire the skills, knowledge and confidence required to write a strong and relevant personal statement.
Vote for the candidates that will embody the Academy ethos through co-operation, service and leadership.
A representative from The American University of Beirut will be visiting our school to deliver a presentation.
The American Academy Larnaca is proud to recognise students who have excelled in academic activities over the past year.
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