12 Nov 2018
3rd World 1st: Why barefoot?
Konstantina Paschalidou

Why barefoot?

Every day we take so many things for granted. The roof above our heads, the food in our plates, our lovely warm beds, our clothes and shoes. Having the privilege to live in Cyprus, much of these things seem unimportant, yet for others who live not so far away, much of these are pure luxuries.

3rd World 1st Club was created in order to help children in need have access to education, medical care, and food. Last year, students, teachers and members of staff adopted 50 children from Kenya by supporting them financially and enabling them to live as they deserve; comfortably and helping fulfil their dreams. Other activities to support our cause also took place in our school last year. A major fundraising event featuring the Sophia Foundation took place where pazaraki like stalls were on display featuring different products. This year we are looking forward to helping even more children transform their lives.

Will you help us?

Last Friday, our beloved teacher Mr. Anastasiou decided to go barefoot for an entire day in an effort to raise awareness for the unbearable situation that many children without shoes face every day. While we take shoes for granted, in the eyes of these children, being able to protect your feet from the cold and dust seems like a dream. Students and staff supported Mr. Anastasiou’s effort by sponsoring him. €1035.00 was raised and has been donated to the Sophia foundation in the hope that now less children will have to walk barefoot. Above are the 'thank you' pictures we received from Kenya. All children in the photo were able to buy shoes with the money we raised and sent to them.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported our journey so far. If you want to support our cause you can join our club, speak with your mentor group regarding adopting a child this year or staying tuned for our future events. We are counting on your kindness.

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