Explore the conflicts that have shaped our present
History in Lower School

An exciting exploration of the inner workings of ancient, medieval and early modern societies.


During the course, you'll study famous empires, kingdoms and governments across time and learn about their political, social and cultural structure. It offers an opportunity to further understand and appreciate the historical legacy of different countries and develop a richer perspective of our present-day world. Students observe the uniqueness of each topic but also the similar systems, morals and struggles that connect different societies.

In Year 2 you will study: The Roman Empire, The Crusades, The Middle Ages, The Black Death, Medieval Baghdad, The Renaissance

In Year 3 you will study: The Spanish conquest of Mexico, The Abolition of the Slave Trade, The British Empire, The French Revolution, The War of American Independence and the U.S. Constitution, Migration across time: From the Pilgrim Fathers to Irish Americans


History promotes the development of invaluable skills that are transferable to many other subjects. Students are encouraged to enhance their skills in research and analysis. It widens their experience of the world and develops their perception and judgment. It gives students a richer awareness of the past while also developing critical thinking and more tolerant attitudes.


Assessment is varied to provide opportunity for students to maximize their performance based on their strengths and to encourage students to develop a range of skills:

  • 1 test per semester
  • Presentations on select topics
  • Creative projects which include: short films, leaflets, magazine articles


  • How to do individual research
  • How to construct an opinion
  • Respecting the opinions of others
  • Putting information in order of importance
  • Assessing the reliability and usefulness of sources
  • How to present ideas in front of an audience
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