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I think, therefore I am

It’s naturally to want to understand more about your motivations and to reflect more on your actions – this is the very essence of being human. The subjects on offer in the Humanities Faculty explore human thought and provide a useful navigation through a world that becomes increasingly more difficult to decipher.

Pursuing subjects offered by the faculty will allow you to feel a sense of connection with our world, through the study of physical and human geography, as well as its motivations, through the study of history and ethics.

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Recommended reading
The Humanities Faculty suggests
Whether you want to explore a historical period, or want to challenge yourself with some philosophical theory, there is something for every taste.
History book
Young Stalin
Simon Sebag Montefiore
RS book
The Puzzle of Ethics
Paul Grosch, Peter Vardy
Geography recommendation
The Map That Changed the World
Simon Winchester
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Learn about diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations by representing a country and developing arguments you can raise during a debate.
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