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Learning a language is a refreshingly immersive experience and often enhances the understanding of your own culture. What’s more, adding a foreign language to your cache of abilities, opens new academic opportunities for further study, beyond English-speaking countries.

Whether you choose to try learning a new language, French or German, or wish to strengthen your Greek, the Language Faculty invites students to enter a stimulating world where the culture, society and history intersect.

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Greek Studies
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Modern Greek
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Recommended reading
The Languages Faculty suggests
Whether you want to expose yourself to some of the Greek classics, or want to improve your vocabulary by trying to read a French or German story, there’s a book for every taste.
Ιάκωβος Καμπανέλλης
The Plays of Sophocles
A. F. Garvie
Les Aventures de Tintin
Latest News
Do you ever stop to wonder how this holiday came to be? Who is this Valentine, the patron saint of this holiday, and what is his association with love and romance?
The Cyprus University of Technology is accepting applications for early September and the Academic Counselling team is ready to assist all students interested in this.
Extracurricular Clubs
Get to know a bit more about Greek and Cypriot culture through dance and take centre stage in many of our auditorium celebrations.
Explore French culture beyond the classroom and your textbook. Immerse yourself in all-things French by joining this club.
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