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There is a special kind of satisfaction that comes from solving a problem, and often it can leave you with a sense of clarity. Mathematics is a universal discipline; it is a language that is understood across boundaries, which facilitates a deeper understanding of our world.

As a subject, it is a useful tool for a range of fields like engineering and physical sciences, but also provides an essential foundation for studies in business, economics, social sciences and even design.

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Recommended reading
The Mathematics Faculty suggests
If you have a love for numbers, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy reading about numbers too.
Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea
Charles Seife
Fermat's Last Theorem
Simon Singh
What Is Mathematics? An Elementary Approach to Ideas and Methods
Richard Courant, Herbert Robbins, Ian Stewart
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We are pleased to announce our 2019 Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards recipients. Our school has excelled once again, receiving 21 awards.
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