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The Parents Teachers Association’s main objectives are to ensure the welfare of the students and to nurture good relationships with the teachers and staff. We believe that a close collaboration between the parents and the school itself is of paramount importance to a positive and fulfilling learning environment for students.

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    Annita Demetriou
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    Stefanos Hailis
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    Costas Tziapouras
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    Eleni Kyriakides
    Assistant Secretary
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    Maria Menikou
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    Panayiotis Chrysostomou
    Assistant Treasurer
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    Christalla Karaiskaki-Mouskou
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    Popi Avraam
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    Loizos Hadjiloizou
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The Parents Teachers Association was founded in May 1998 and meetings take place on a monthly basis at the American Academy Larnaca premises. The Association is a founding member of the Pancyprian Federation of Parental Associations of Private Schools.

The PTA aims to encourage frequent and systematic communication between parents and teachers for a close collaboration between family and school. The PTA also aims to liaise and collaborate with the Ministry of Education, the American Academy Alumni Foundation and other relevant bodies. Meetings bring together parents and teachers and provide a platform for exchanging views, gaining understanding and voicing concerns on matters involving the school.

All parents of American Academy students who have fulfilled their financial obligations are considered regular members of the Parents Teachers Association, as well as American Academy teachers who have no children studying at the school. The annual membership fee of €30, is payable with the first instalment of tuition fees, and collected by the school on behalf of the PTA. Parents and teachers who wish to join the Management Board of the PTA need to complete the relevant application form which must be submitted to the PTA at least three days prior the AGM (Annual General Meeting).

An application form can be downloaded here (You can contact the PTA Executive Committee at
Upcoming Event: “Be the change you want to see in your child – Values, personal development of parents, way of life that is a role model for children.” 11th June 2019, 7:15 p.m., Staff Room (Weir Hall), American Academy Larnaca.
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