11 Sep 2017
Our JA Story: Meet WeekFlip

The word WeekFlip is a familiar one among students and teachers. It’s become synonymous to organisation, deadlines and often some inescapable stress. But it also calls to mind the Class of 2017 alumni who created the company: Myria Gregoriou, Stylianos Kakouris, Georgia Michaelidou, George Motitis and Sara Popovidou.

The newly minted graduates, came up with the idea for a planner when they joined the Junior Achievement Cyprus competition in 2015. One of the programme’s central goals is to encourage students to develop entrepreneurial thinking through the formation of a company and the development of a product that is sold to customers.

“We learned a lot about teamwork, but also how to be more independent — in the sense that even though we had the help of our teachers, we had to run around to get things done,” explains Gregoriou.

The yearly planner, which has become a staple accessory at the American Academy Larnaca, initially integrated technology. On every weekset, a QR code allowed the user to view the week digitally through a linked app on a smartphone or tablet. In fact, it was this innovation that earned the team the award for Most Potential Future Value at the Junior Achievement Cyprus Competition in 2015 and €5,000 in services at Start-Up Academy Pitch Battle competition.

The growing popularity of the annual Junior Achievement Cyprus competition also means that a greater number of students and schools participate every year. The American Academy Larnaca has been taking part annually since 2015, when Springers, one of the two start-up companies to make it in the final 10 that year, won the competition and represented Cyprus at the European level.

The increase in participation numbers has also paved the way for the creation of Junior Achievement Alumni Cyprus, with Weekflip’s Gregoriou and Motitis among the six founding members of the organisation. Its aim is to bring together young people and connect them to Junior Achievement Europe, while providing a forum for sharing experiences and ideas.

As a Junior Achievement Alumnus, Motitis was invited to participate in the Junior Achievement Europe Conference in Prague, which focused on companies that had no, to very limited, use of technology. He described the experience as inspiring and exciting.

“There’s no age to entrepreneurship; anyone can do it, as long as you have the will and the passion,” said Motitis.

Asked if the team will likely keep up the yearly school planner — a project that takes over 200 hours to complete — while studying at university, the answer is a definite yes. The feeling of seeing so many people carry your product really is something else.

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