Developing soft skills with a growth mindset.

What is E4Kids?

Entrepreneurship for kids (E4Kids) is an innovative, 3-year modular training experience, for kids 11-15 years old, offered by the American Academy Larnaca Institute in association with GrantXpert Consulting and Growth Mindset Greece.

The programme’s main goal is to create new, social and emotional (soft) skills and strengthen existing ones. Research suggests that soft skills such as communication, problem solving, time management, and empathy are important determinants of individual, team and organizational performance.

During the E4Kids programme, children will engage in entrepreneurial activities (e.g. that will help them develop 18 soft skills). They will also create experiences through a continuous rotation of successful and unsuccessful attempts to end up developing their own business idea and proposal for their own product or service.

In this way, the children participating in this programme are better prepared to face tomorrow’s challenges more efficiently, for themselves and their future collaborators, since they will be able to use their social, leadership and entrepreneurial skills that they will develop along the way, integrating them with the Growth Mindset philosophy.

For more information, please contact us at 24746359 / 99928763

Growth Mindset

Can people become smarter or is there intelligence fixed? Well it depends on one’s mindset. Those who believe in a fixed mindset, do not believe that they can become smarter and better. Those who believe in a growth mindset, believe that they can get smarter. The good news is that research shows that a person’s mindset can change from being fixed to one of growth.

The goal of the E4Kids programme is for kids to become motivated to develop a Growth Mindset through continuous effort and improvement through entrepreneurship and the development of soft skills.

With a growth mindset, kids make it their goal to learn. Starting with a positive mindset, students are encouraged to believe that they can become smarter through various ways including their experiences. Once they have developed this belief, they also learn that putting more effort can improve their performance and this motivates them to achieve. Moreover, students learn that any setbacks they face are not to be understood as weaknesses or an inability to complete a task but rather opportunities to learn and become stronger and better.

Registration & Payment

Please contact the Institute office at 24746359 / 99928763 for information on fees and registration. Discounts are offered to siblings and for those who are participating in more than one Institute activity.

To register for E4Kids, please complete and submit the Registration form which can be accessed by clicking on the Registration Form link. A place is reserved once the fees have been paid. Registration and monthly lesson payments can be made online or at the AAL Treasury office. Online payments can be made via JCC or by bank transfer to any of the AAL bank accounts. When making online payments, make sure to type in the Details box, the child’s first and last names, and the words “E4Kids”.

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