Year 4
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Welcome to Year 4

Firstly, I would like to give a big warm welcome to all year 4 parents and students.

This year holds many new experiences for the students which are both exciting and challenging. As part of designing their own future, the fourth years now officially have a voice in the Brotherhood and so are able to bring to the forefront any issues that concern them with the hopes of finding a workable solution. This is a great opportunity for students 'to grow' as individuals and 'to serve' both their fellow students and the community.

This will very much be a year of responsibility and self-motivation as our year 4 students now begin their two year journey towards taking their GCSE qualifications, which for most, will their first experience with external exams. Having chosen their subjects, it is essential that they now become innovators in their education; be keen to discover and develop their critical thinking skills; organize and balance their time, and realise that the shape of their future is now in their own hands.

So our key word this year is: endeavour.

Year 4 students, this year you must have a 'can do' attitude, engage enthusiastically in lessons and be determined to succeed.

Chrystalla Karaiskakis-Mouskou

Head of Year 4

Email: | Tel: 24 746 363

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