Year 4
Make the most of your chance to represent your year group
Welcome to Year 4

Matters now become even more challenging for our Year 4 students as they now come across their chosen subjects at GCSE level. It is a stimulating year in which students start thinking of their future career options in light of their GCSE courses. Faced with a more demanding academic level, the fourth years now have to uncover their ultimate potential in meeting the standards of a thought-provoking journey which will have to balance time, thinking skills and enthusiasm. As the year progresses, the students will have to prepare for their first experience with external exams.

What is more, they will also have the opportunity to be more actively involved in club activities which will promote their interaction with others and allow them to grow and serve in the community. As Year 4 students, they will also be given the chance to officially have a voice in the Brotherhood in resolving issues of their interest.

I urge all Year 4 students to demonstrate a serious manner and embark actively and with strength of character in this challenging journey in order to achieve the best of their ability. Best wishes to all for a promising year!

Charis Pavlou

Head of Year 4 | Tel: 24 746 377

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