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Certificate Online Courses

Welcome to American Academy Larnaca online learning.

Inclusive and quality education for all

American Academy Larnaca’s e-Learning platform offering 800+ online courses in Languages and Professional Development Skills.  Learning is our passion and making a difference is our mission. We believe that education has the power to change lives, and empower those around us. Access all online courses here.


The perfect way to communicate with your global friends and colleagues in every situation. Language Micros are designed to deliver “can-dos” as you learn. It’s practical language learning that gets you speaking a new language in no time at all. The “bite sized” snacks (Micros) make sure you can absorb information quickly and efficiently, and can recall that information for future use and apply to daily life. Access all online languages courses here.


TEFL Certifications

Learn to teach English as a foreign language with this internationally recognized TEFL certification online course and start a rewarding career. Access the online TEFL course here.


Accounting & Finance

Access all online Accounting & Finance courses here.


Career Development

Access all online Career Development courses here.



Access all online Entrepreneurship courses here.



Health & Safety

Access all online Health & Safety courses here.


Health & Wellness

Access all online Health & Safety courses here.

Human Resources

Access all online Human Resources courses here.




Access all online Management courses here.



Marketing & Sales

Access all online Marketing & Sales courses here.



Nurturing Excellence

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