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Greek Pathway

FAQs for Parents

FAQs for Parents

What is the Greek Pathway? 

The American Academy Larnaca are introducing a new curriculum option for Year 6 and 7.  As an alternative to A Levels, students can opt to follow a Greek curriculum, focusing on either Business or the Sciences, in order to prepare for the Pancyprian exams.


Why have you chosen to launch this?  

We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure students have the option to study in Cyprus and Greece, in addition to the UK, USA, Europe or the rest of the world.  We know that for some students, studying in Cyprus or Greece is their preferred destination – the Greek pathway will ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to do this.


When will the Pathway launch? 

Τhe Greek Pathway is available to all students who joined in 2022 onwards as an alternative to A Levels.


Will this affect the English curriculum?

No. The English curriculum will remain the same, the Greek Pathway is just an alternative to A Levels in Year 6 and 7, to those who are interested.


Do we have to decide from now?

No. During their final GCSE year, students will be asked to choose their next steps. They will either choose four A Level subjects, or they will choose the Greek pathway.


If I am interested for my child, how do I apply? 

You do not need to apply for the pathway right now.  Students will be able to choose by the end of Year 5.


Will the fees cost the same? 



Will there be scholarships available for the Greek Pathway? 



Will there be entry requirements for the pathway and for each subject? 

Yes there will be, in order to begin the course at the start of Year 6, students will need to pass an exam in Greek and other subjects.


Can a student join the Greek pathway from a public school?

Yes they can, provided there is a place, and they pass an entrance exam.


Will the Apolytirion be recognised by the Ministry of Education and Culture? 

Yes it will be, in line with the existing Apolytirion awarded for the English curriculum.


Can you do the Greek Pathway and A Levels? 


Will a student be able to get into/access/enter any course at a university in Cyprus or Greece? 

Students will be able to apply for all courses that require Sciences or Economics/Accounting.


How will you ensure students have the required standard of Greek language?

Students will be taught additional Greek in Year 5 and will sit a Greek placement exam before joining the Greek Pathway.


How can I find out more?

Email us at info@academy.ac.cy to make an appointment, book a tour or send us your queries.


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