Imagine being a part of something bigger than yourself.

This is the place where you can flex and grow, learn and experience, step up and be involved whilst being supported by fellow students of the highest calibre, world-class teaching staff and a history of excellence that spans well over a hundred years. This is the place where you get to shape your own educational path, make choices and experience the new and exciting within a secure, supportive and dynamic environment. This is where it all begins, the moments, the memories, the bonds that last a lifetime and this life-changing experience is one application away.


We are always open to hearing from students who want to be a part of our school

You can join the American Academy Larnaca at different academic stages, if there are places available. We always welcome applications by students who are keen on becoming a part of the school. Placement exams are subject to available spaces in the year group, but prospective students can express an interest in the school by contacting our main office or by scheduling a visit to the school.
Places are usually announced for select years: Year 2, 3 in lower school, and Year 4 and 6 for upper school. Year 5 and 7 don’t customarily admit new incoming students because classes are in the middle of the two-year exam curriculum at GCSE and A-Level.


Meet our teachers, speak to our students, experience what it means to be a part of something big

It’s one thing to read about it, quite another to experience an Academy student’s life. The annual public Open Day event offers a snapshot of school life, but our doors are always open to prospective students and parents interested in getting a slice of the American Academy Larnaca experience.

Nurturing Excellence

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