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Junior School Afternoon Programme (JSAP)

Welcome to the JSAP: a safe place for your child to play, have fun and learn.

General Description

The Junior School Afternoon Programme (JSAP) includes a wide range of activities for nursery, pre-junior and elementary school children including:

• football, basketball, tennis
• athletics, survivor, outdoor games
• arts & crafts, bracelets, cooking
• dance, drama/theatre
• chess & board games
• computer coding
• Greek and French language lessons
• bricks4Kids (including robotics)
• private piano, guitar and music lessons
• Teddy Tennis (for pre-junior kids)
• Tiny Tykes (for kids aged 3-5)

Activity Selection

The academic year is divided into five calendar periods for the afternoon school. The duration of each calendar period is either six or seven weeks. Children may be registered to stay daily until 3pm or 4pm. Alternatively, they may be registered only for select activities on certain days.

Daily Schedule

  • 1:15 – 2:00 pm Lunch and Playtime
  • 2:00 – 3:00 pm Activity 1
  • 3:00 – 4:00 pm Activity 2


Children will have lunch in the Junior School canteen area. Children can bring their own lunch in their lunch box. Those who wish to order food from the American Academy Larnaca cafeteria must previously communicate with the cafeteria owner to provide a list of food choices for their child.

First come, first served

Some clubs may have a limited amount of spaces, and placement will be done on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. A place is guaranteed if the fees have been paid.

Please note that most clubs require a minimum number of children. If a club has not reached its minimum amount of children and is therefore cancelled, we will contact the parents involved, to offer a different activity or return your pre-paid fee. The actual type and number of activities offered during the school year will depend on whether an adequate number of children have registered.

Brief Description of Select Activities

Cooking Club

Below are just a few of the great cooking club creations. The photos speak for themselves. (See Photo Gallery for additional pictures.)


This is a hands-on class where students build buildings, vehicles and other structures out of LEGO Bricks. Each class begins with a student-led discussion related to the model of the day. Students build a new structure each week. While exploring principles of engineering, architecture, and physics, students develop problem solving and critical thinking skills.
Lessons are designed around students’ interests with themes such as animals, space, transportation and sports. Children work in pairs thus fostering teamwork and cooperation. By completing a new project each week children also build their self-esteem.
The material covered and projects undertaken vary according to age. Pre-School children will use Lego Duplo Bricks to build various types of objects. Some of the themes are: Fun at the farm; Things around the house; Famous places; A trip to the zoo; Water, water, everywhere.
Children in Grades 1-6 will use Bricks4Kids Project Kits to work on various themes such as: Air, Land and Sea; Energy; Forces of Nature; Interesting Inventions; Laws of Motion; Life Science; Architecture. Children aged 8 and above will also be able to work on robotics projects.

Music Lessons

Private piano, guitar or music theory lessons will be provided by Florentia Savva’s School of Music. With 28 years of experience, Mrs. Savva’s School of Music has successfully prepared students for Greek and English music exams including the Royal Schools of Music (London) and Trinity College.

Indoor/Outdoor Games

Children will have the opportunity to play different games each week including:
• bean bag (cornhole),
• boules,
• ring toss,
• kick darts game using soft balls and large Velcro blow-up dart board

Tiny Tykes

TinyTykes Cyprus is an innovative programme, which was created by special educators and football specialists, to teach basic football skills and life skills in children (boys and girls) aged 18 months to five years old. TinyTykes was created to promote and improve the most critical points of a child’s development with an emphasis on fun.
The programme aims at using football as a means of developing the following: balance, agility and coordination, technical skills, physical development, confidence, teamwork, social skills and communication skills, colour identification, and numerical learning.

Registration & Payment

Please contact the Institute office at 24746359 / 99928763 for information on fees and registration. Discounts are offered to siblings and for prepayments for participation in the JSAP for the whole school year.

To register for the JSAP, please complete and submit the Registration form which can be accessed by clicking on the Registration Form link. A place is reserved once the fees have been paid. Payments can be made online or at the AAL Treasury office. Online payments can be made via JCC or by bank transfer to any of the AAL bank accounts. When making online payments, make sure to type in the Details box, the child’s first and last names, and the words “JSAP registration”.

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