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Fully stocked with hundreds of book

Our library at the American Academy Junior School is fully stocked with hundreds of books suitable for all ages and reading abilities. From the picture books suitable for ages 2+, to our excellent Early Readers on to our fiction favourites from Roald Dahl, Francesca Simon and David Walliams, we have books to cater to all tastes. Our shelves are regularly re-stocked and new and donated books are often added to our collection. All of our students are able to choose books to read and can visit the library every second recess during the school day. This is a good time to come in for a quiet break too, to sit on the beanbags and enjoy reading a book, or to speak to the librarians about a new choice. Everyone is made to feel welcome, and there is also a Library Loyalty Scheme that offers the opportunity for students to receive certificates and prizes as they read our books.

The library also becomes open to the general public on the first and third Saturday of each month (excluding July and August) when it becomes Soulla’s Saturday Morning Library. Mrs Sophocli, our school librarian and Grade 6 teacher, has been running the library for the last 11 years. A Story and Song Time session takes place from 9.30-10am which is intended for children aged between 6 months to 6 years, and the library is then open until 11.30am as a lending library. The library stocks an impressive selection of adults’ books as well with hundreds of best-selling titles to choose from. Membership to the library costs just 10 euros annually for 2 books per visit and 20 euros annually for 6 books per visit.

For further information on Soulla’s Saturday Morning Library, please call 99801141 or by email at:

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