Information and Communication Technology at the AAJS

In an ever changing and developing technological world it is fair to say that computers are now an integral part of everyday life. At the AAJS we believe that ‘Computational Thinking’ is a skill that children must be taught if they are to participate effectively in this digital world. Computational thinking allows us to solve problems, breaking them down into smaller parts, and gives us the skills necessary to engage and interact in problem-solving. It enables us to be logical and strategic thinkers and problem- solvers with the ability of highlighting problems that need solutions.

The Development of ICT and Computing at the AAJS

At the AAJS, we are committed to investing in the latest technologies.  Our teachers attend Continuous Professional Development training to expand their skills and knowledge of the latest developments in ICT. All classrooms have Interactive Whiteboards and some are of the latest Smart Touch Interactive technology.  We have recently upgraded our resources and now have a bank of 75 laptops, as well as a set of 30 iPads, for use in all year groups, from EYFS to Grade 6.

We also use a wide range of programmable toys such as BeeBots to promote programming and robotics. Our recently appointed ICT coordinator is a dedicated driving force in ensuring that ICT is used consistently and effectively at every opportunity throughout the curriculum. We want the children in our school to move from being just users of computers and software, to becoming confident, creative and computational thinkers who have an understanding of how digital systems work.

Internet Safety

As in the offline world, we want our students to be safe, secure, happy, kind, and ethical online. How to use the internet safely is an integral part of ICT lessons and children are taught how to use the internet responsibly and safely. Children in all year groups have access to a number of different online resources to support their learning in school. The use of platforms, such as Education City and Seesaw, help to promote the correct use of social media, and enhance the teaching and learning done in the classroom by extended it to the home, through the uploading of activities for the children to do out of school. Education City and Seesaw are accessed through a personal username and password assigned to each child, and they are taught the importance of keeping all usernames and passwords private.

Nurturing Excellence

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