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Registration for any Course Subject, Programme, or Recreational Activity can be done in person at the AAL Treasury department or online by completing the Registration Form. All requested information must be provided in order for the registration to proceed and registration is complete after the registration/administration fee has been paid.
Prepayment is required for most Course Subjects, Programmes, and Recreational Activities and the American Academy Larnaca Institute reserves the right to not allow students or learners to continue to attend classes or any programme in cases where outstanding balances (where permitted) are not fully paid.
Fees for course subjects, that are invoiced on a monthly rate, must be paid in full, even if a student has not attended all lessons due to absences or if certain lessons are missed due to holidays. Exceptions to this may be made in cases where a student has missed lessons due to medical/health reasons which must be supported with an appropriate doctor’s note.
Payments can be made electronically either via JCC or by direct bank transfer into one of the American Academy Larnaca’s bank accounts. Payments should be made to American Academy Alumni Foundation (AAAF). When making electronic payments, you must type in the Details box the following information: American Academy Larnaca Institute; student’s name; registration number if known; programme or activity (e.g. Entrance Exams, UCMAS, JSAP, English, math, etc.). For more information or clarifications please call 24746359 / 99928763

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