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AAL Entrance & Placement Exams

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AAL Entrance & Placement Exams

The Institute provides tuition support for elementary school students who wish to prepare for and sit the AAL Entrance Exam which is comprised of a math exam and either a Greek or English language exam. Lessons are provided in small class sizes usually ranging from two to five students. Each lesson is one hour. Private lessons can also be arranged. Most students choose to have their math and language lessons back-to-back so that they only have to come once per week to the Institute premises. However, online lessons can also be provided if necessary. Students may arrange for more than one lesson per week especially as the exam date draws near.
Although, most students start lessons when they begin Grade 6 in September and prepare for about six and one half months for the exam, some students may choose to begin earlier while they are in Grade 5. Lessons can also be provided during the summer time.
The AAL offers the opportunity to students to sit for Placement Exams for Years 2, 3, 4 and 6 in the Senior School. The exams always assess math and English but may also include other subjects depending on the Year group. The Institute helps prepare students for these Placement exams with private, one-to-one tuition.

For more information on Entrance and Placement Exams and how to register, please contact 24746359 / 99928763

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