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Payment Methods

Tuition fees are paid through the following payment methods:

a. Cash or Cheque or Credit Card at the Treasury Department:

  •  September to June: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 07:15-17:15 & Wednesday 07:15-15:15
  • Christmas, Easter & Summer Period (July to August): Monday to Friday 07:15 – 15:15

b. JCC Smart (https://www.jccsmart.com/e-bill/invoices/9116/pay) for Old students

c. JCC Smart (https://www.jccsmart.com/e-bill/invoices/9117/pay) for New students

d. Bank Transfer to:

When paying for your child’s/children’s tuition fees to the above, please ensure that at the time of payment you include in the description field your child’s full name, account number (available after registration), parent phone number and details of payment (i.e. payment for week 2).

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