The American Academy Larnaca provides an innovative and challenging academic environment in which the pursuit of excellence is balanced by kindness to support each individual to achieve his/her full potential.

We believe in broad and balanced curriculum education and our students are exposed to a range of multi-disciplinary subjects from the very first years of secondary school. As they enter upper school they have the opportunity to carve out their own academic path based on what captivates their curiosity and excites their imagination.

University entry is achieved via GCSE and GCE A-Levels and/or the school Apolytirion which is recognized by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture and universities worldwide.

Lower School

Years 1-3 (Key Stage 3)

In Years 1-3, we follow a broad and balanced curriculum with emphasis on the core subjects:

English, Mathematics, Science, Modern Greek and Greek History. In addition, the students study History, Geography, Religious Studies, Art, Physical Education, Music, ICT, with French or German added from Year 2.

Middle School

Years 4 & 5 (Key Stage 4)

In Years 4 and 5, the students are asked to study 10 GCSE/ IGCSE subjects (six compulsory and four optional):

Compulsory Subjects: English as a First Language & English literature, Mathematics, Double Science, Core Physical Education, Religious Studies.

Optional Subjects: Art, Triple Science, Economics, Accounting, French, Geography, German, Greek, History, ICT, Music, Physical Education.


For more details, please refer to the GCSE/IGCSE Options Booklet on our website.

Upper School

Years 6 & 7 (Key Stage 5)

We are very proud to offer a wide and non-restrictive curriculum that can be calibrated to suit each student’s needs. They can choose from the arts, the sciences and the humanities with absolutely no restrictions. This means that our programme of study can be caters to the student’s needs and strengths of each individual, leading to better results, and the realisation of their potential.

In Years 6 and 7 the students are asked to study four of the following A-level subjects:
Accounting, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English Language, English Literature, French, Geography, Greek, History, Law, Mathematics with Statistics, Mathematics with Mechanics, Pure Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Media, Physics, Politics, Psychology, Physical Education, Religious Studies.


For more details, please refer to the A Level Options Booklet on our website.

Greek Pathway

Students currently sit four A Levels.  They are also given support from the counselling team and teaching staff with their applications, as well as TOEFL, SATS and IELTS, in order to gain entry to UK, EU and US universities.

Soon, students will also be able to choose the Greek pathway resulting in sitting the Pancyprian exams and entry to Cypriot and Greek universities.

Οι μαθητές αυτή τη στιγμή παρακολουθούν 4 A Levels στα οποία και εξετάζονται. Η συμβουλευτική ομάδα και οι σύμβουλοι επαγγελματικού προσανατολισμού του σχολείου μας βοηθούν και καθοδηγούν τους μαθητές για κάθε τους απόφαση, όπως επίσης και για άλλες εξετάσεις, όπως TOEFL, SATS , IELTS, που τους βοηθούν να εξασφαλίσουν θέση σε πανεπιστήμια του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου, της Ευρώπης και των Ηνωμένων Πολιτειών.

Οι μαθητές μπορούν να επιλέξουν και την ελληνική κατεύθυνση, με στόχο να παρακαθίσουν στις Παγκύπριες εξετάσεις για εξασφάλιση θέσης σε κυπριακά και ελληνικά πανεπιστήμια.


School Apolytirion

The students, who successfully complete Year 7, will be awarded the School Apolytirion.
The Apolytirion is fully recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture and universities worldwide.

Nurturing Excellence

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