Meet the Team

Meet the people behind one of the oldest private secondary educational establishments

Making a difference, one day at a time

At the heart of the American Academy Larnaca are the people that continue its legacy every day.

We are committed to creating a stimulating and engaging learning environment that allows for students’ intellectual and spiritual growth. We value open communication and collaboration across departments, and the success of our school is testament to the dedicated teachers and staff that comprise the American Academy Larnaca.

Senior Leadership


Early Years & Foundation Stage


Phase 1 (Grades 1-3)


Phase 2 (Grades 4-6)






Senior Leadership

Fiona M Smith: Headteacher

Vanya Chaili: Deputy Headteacher

Zoe Nicolaou: Senior Teacher: Inclusion

Stephanie Miltiadou: Senior Teacher: Early Years

Stella Adamou: Senior Teacher: Greek

Early Years & Foundation Stage

Stephanie Miltiadou: Phase Lead Nursery 2 Teacher

Elina Artemi: Nursery 1 Teacher

Christa Karsa: Pre-Junior A Teacher

Joanna Pelekanou: Pre-Junior B Teacher

Nastazia Charalambous: Nursery 1 TA

Elena Demetriou: Nursery 1 TA

Jackie Healey: Pre-Junior A TA

Nicola Rainbow: Nursery 2 TA

Maria Sinapidis: Pre-Junior B TA

Rebecca Workert: Nursery 2 TA

Phase 1 (Grades 1-3)

Vanya Chaili: Phase Lead

Stylianie Vassiliou: Grade 1A Teacher

Lourna Khatchadourian: Grade 1B Teacher

Ria Loizou: Grade 2 Teacher

Petroulla Christodoulou: Grade 3 Teacher

Elena Christou: Grade 1A TA

Charalampia Christoudia : Grade 1B TA

Maria Giannaki: Inclusion TA

Chryso Petrou: Grade 3 TA

Natalie Thomas: Grade 2 TA

Phase 2 (Grades 4-6)

Zoe Nicolaou: Phase Lead

Mary Michaela: Grade 4A Teacher

Andria Michaela: Grade 4B Teacher

Samira Hussain: Grade 5A Teacher

Theodosis Theodosiou: Grade 5B Teacher

Soulla Sophocli: Grade 6 Teacher

Mary Malathoura: Grade 6 Maths Teacher

Liza Burgess: Inclusion TA

Chrystyanna Mendell: Grade 5/6 TA

Elena Trifourkis: Grade 4 TA


Stella Adamou: Subject Leader

Haris Alexandrou: Teacher of Greek

Loukia Anastasi: Teacher of Greek

Andri Kariou: Teacher of Greek


Maria Nammour: Administrator


Life at the Academy