What is Manners4Minors?

Manners4Minors is a programme that helps children and young teenagers learn proper social behaviour and good manners. It was started in 2007 by Dayleen Taylor, a British teacher and headmistress of an English private school. The program is now found in more than 50 centres throughout the world. The American Academy Larnaca Institute will be running two separate programmes, one in English and another one in Greek. Lessons are one hour each and take place once per week.
Students will be split into two distinct groups depending on which grade they attend in school: Grades 1-2-3 or Grade 4 and above.
There two levels outlined below.
Manners4Minors 1:
Mr & Ms Awesome: September – January (5 months)
Mr & Ms Wonderful: February – June (5 months)
Manners4Minors 2:
Mr & Ms Amazing: September – January (5 months)
Mr & Ms Inspiring: February – June (5 months)
Students may also start in the middle of the academic year, which means that they will complete the second half (February – June) and then complete the first half during the next academic year.
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