A child can start UCMAS as long as he or she is still in elementary (primary) school during which time the brain develops more and the benefits of the programme are maximized. A child can complete the UCMAS programme while attending high school but he or she must start while still in elementary school.

There are 5 UCMAS levels.

Level 1 is comprised of one module starting in October and ending in June. There is one 1-hour lesson per week.

Levels 2 – 5 are each comprised of two modules. Each module lasts five months: September – January and February – June. There is one 90-minute lesson each week.

There are 5 UCMAS levels.

UCMAS 1: Foundation (only for children who begin while in Grades 1 or 2)

UCMAS 2: Basic, Elementary A (for children who begin while in Grades 3-6)

UCMAS 3: Elementary B, Intermediate A

UCMAS 4: Intermediate B, Higher A

UCMAS 5: Higher B, Advanced

At the end of each module for all Levels, students must sit and pass a compulsory exam in order to be able to proceed to the next module. Thus for Levels 2 – 5 students must pass two exams in an academic year. The exam is done online at the American Academy Larnaca. Those who pass the internationally recognized UCMAS exams receive a Certificate for the particular module that is sent from Malaysia.

The compulsory exam fee must be paid when a student is registered for UCMAS. With this payment, students receive their free books for each module. Students are provided access to online sample exams so that they can practice at home. There is also an app for smart phones and tablets that students can use to practice.

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