What is UCMAS?

UCMAS (Universal Concepts of Mental Arithmetic Systems) is a world renown mental arithmetic educational programme that promotes the development of a child’s brain. UCMAS is the ONLY mental arithmetic programme that has been approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education & Culture.
UCMAS began in 1993 by its founder Dr. Dino Wong and it is the largest mental arithmetic programme in the world. It is taught in over 6000 educational centres in 80 countries including the USA, Canada, England, Spain, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, India, China, Australia, and Japan. In Cyprus, UCMAS began in 2017 and the American Academy Larnaca Institute was one of the first officially registered UCMAS centres. The American Academy Larnaca Institute is one of the few centres in Cyprus that offers the program in English and Greek.
The development of the brain is achieved through the various activities of the programme. Research has shown that the brain is stimulated by the movement of the fingers and their effect on the mind. UCMAS uses a special abacus. The child uses fingers of both hands to move beads on a special abacus to find the answers to arithmetic exercises involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and square root.
One study by the University of Manchester (UK), found that 3185 children ages 7 to 11, exhibited a higher IQ after participating in an intensive UCMAS programme for 34 weeks.
Research by the University of California San Diego – UCSD (USA) & Massachusetts Institute of Technology – ΜΙΤ (USA) found that 400 children after being trained on UCMAS, developed an advantage in mathematical calculations, becoming more accurate and faster compared to children that did not attend the UCMAS programme.
UCMAS has different levels. Initially, children learn to do the calculations using a real abacus which is in front of them. As they develop their skills, they are eventually able to do the calculations mentally (using an abacus in their mind) without physically using the real abacus. The ability to do mental calculations without an abacus begins to be seen after the completion of Level 3.
You are encouraged to view the videos in our Media Gallery link but also at UCMAS Cyprus You will be surprised with what your child can do after completing the UCMAS programme! Note that students who are moving their fingers in the air are at the initial stages of mental arithmetic calculations.
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