Special Educational Needs

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Our main goal at the school is to create a learning environment that celebrates all forms of achievements, and that allows for room to identify students with unusual needs and exceptional abilities.
Special Education Needs coordinator is an important point of liaison between the students and the teachers, ensuring that the educational needs of all students are addressed, while providing the right support and tools for teachers in how to best creative inclusive learning environments that differentiate learning experiences according to individual needs.


Special Educational Needs services provided at American Academy Larnaca can be accessed following a psychoeducational assessment conducted by a Licenced Psychologist.
Please be informed that a licenced School Psychologist is carrying out psychoeducational assessments in school. Nevertheless, whenever you assign an assessment to an independent assessor, the specialist must contact the in-house School Psychologist at +357 24746378 and ask for evidence of the candidate’s normal way of working and relevant background information. This must take place before the candidate is assessed.
Importantly to select a qualified assessor please visit the Cyprus Psychologist’s licensing board register (
Below are some guidelines for privately commissioned assessments:
The assessor must:

  • Record the results of any tests completed indicating that the impairment has a substantial and long term adverse effect on the candidate’s performance
  • Only work within their area of expertise and in an ethical fashion
  • Use current editions of standardised tests which produce standardised scores
  • Report the results of their assessment within Part 2 of Form 8 and
  • Provide the School with evidence of their qualification(s) before assessing any candidate as evidence of the assessor’s qualification(s) must be held on file for inspection purposes and be presented to the JCQ Centre Inspector by the SENCo.

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