School Events and Celebrations

School Events and Celebrations

The curriculum aims at providing young people with opportunities to participate in school life and in society at large. School councils constitute an excellent way of encouraging participation and teach young people the concept of democracy, local and global citizenship and accountability. A school council can provide a meaningful way in which pupils can voice their opinions and have their views taken into account in decisions which impact upon them. It is an important and useful way for schools to provide leadership and development opportunities for their pupils.

Furthermore, the various school events and celebrations, either directly or indirectly, help the classroom teaching. School celebrations, productions, publications, assemblies and school parades give emphasis upon aesthetic as well as spiritual development, which are some of the essential components of education. It helps in developing features like speech fluency, creativity, confidence, self-discipline, effective communication and teamwork. Such activities provide a good platform for excelling in acting, singing, speaking, and recitation, thus making them an essential part of school’s curriculum and student’s life.

The Extra-Curricular Activities Programme offers the opportunity to participate in the following events:

  • School Council – Brotherhood
    1. Class Representatives
    2. Head Representatives
    3. Member of the Brotherhood Committee
  • School Publications
    1. Work Published in the School Newsletter
    2. Work Published in the School Herald
    3. Work Published in the Social Media
  • School Productions
    1. Backstage
    2. Actor/Actress
    3. Protagonist (leading actor)
  • School Assemblies/Special Assemblies
    1. Speech
    2. Performing (singing, dancing, acting, playing an instrument, etc)
  • School Parade

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