Voluntary Service


Volunteering is more than spending one’s time actively participating in selfless acts or activities that benefit other people. It has a greater impact on society as a whole. Volunteers are of great help to the community as they engage themselves in a pool of opportunities.
By volunteering, students develop life skills and become well-rounded individuals. Getting involved in volunteerism from a young age students are given the opportunity to grow into valuable members of society as they develop life skills when getting immersed in activities which are outside their comfort zones.
Moreover, volunteers turn into reliable, selfless and responsible individuals who are willing to offer their help/services without monetary compensation. These are qualities which employers seek for when hiring fresh graduates.
The American Academy creates opportunities for voluntary service and inspires students to volunteer by encouraging them to start from a young age. Students are engaged in voluntary work by offering their help at the following events/activities:
• Open Day
• Year 1 Orientation Day
• Education Fair
• Sports Day
• Brotherhood Charity Money Collections
• Setting-up and Running of the Weir Camp
• Summer School
• Graduation Ceremony
• Charity Events
• Fundraisers
• Blood Donation
• Social Events
• Community Service
• etc

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