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Covid-19 Times; Living in Lockdown

Covid-19 Times; Living in Lockdown

One more day in quarantine. Can you believe it has already been 75 days since the first day of isolation? I still vividly recall the day when the Ministry of Health announced that COVID-19 was becoming a serious threat for our well-being and for that reason we had to stay home. To be honest, I initially thought that it was going to be for just a week or two. It took me a while to realise how long we have been in lockdown. This situation has put me through a rollercoaster of emotions, especially the first weeks, when I was trying to comprehend the severity of this global health crisis. I now feel that the situation is starting to seem more normal -even though it is not- since it has completely reshaped our lifestyles and made us adapt to a new way of living.

In this time of social distancing, I have been struggling with some degree of boredom and I don’t think I am the only one. Have you noticed that before everything started, we were so overwhelmed with school and our hobbies to even think about being bored?  We would have been so grateful for one day of just staying home and doing nothing. Now that is less of a choice for us and more of a task. We find it harder to conform to this new lifestyle, don’t we? But, let’s not forget that you also get to be a hero by just wearing your pyjamas and chilling on your comfy sofa!

My daily routine has been dramatically altered during the last 75 days. As the situation became worse and going out was forbidden, we, the students across all ages, were obligated to attend online classes. This new procedure of digital learning  has become not only a huge part of my everyday life but it has also transformed the way we learn. Waking up at 7 a.m. in the morning and talking through my laptop has definitely been awkward and difficult to adjust to. Transitioning to online lessons has been stressful for me since there are so many distractions sitting at my home desk than sitting in a classroom. One of the fundamental aspects of school was socialising, but it has now vanished. School at the moment is just teaching, leading to students feeling lost and not being able to express themselves. Don’t you feel the same? However, let’s not forget to look at the positive side of the coin. As a positive and true believer myself, I feel that our educators have done a tremendous job to equip us, the young generations, with digital tools and skills that will help us to grow and develop more love for learning even in these difficult times. It is all about creating the best learning experiences for every student while spreading hope and passion for learning as well as preparing us for an ever-changing world!

Even though there are times when I feel as if I am, I have found time in quarantine to invest in myself and discover my new interests. Have you had the chance to bring to light any of your hidden talents? I personally have dusted my old musical instruments and learned many new songs; I have been online and bought some rather crazy stuff I know I don’t need and I’ve tried to learn Spanish, too, although I  don’t think it’s working out at all!

I think we should appreciate these times at home. Never take for granted a night out with our friends, a family dinner or a gathering. It is indispensable to appreciate the times we spend with our loved ones because you never know when it will be the last time that you will see them. Take this time to repair your relationship with them and show them love during these hard times of isolation. Let’s also not forget that sometimes it’s important to be bored, rest and do nothing. Lockdown forces us to focus on what really matters in life. Chill out and don’t put pressure on yourself! The vital key for getting through this period is staying strong; staying safe; staying optimistic. Take advantage of all this free time at home wisely. Just like me, why don’t you take up a new hobby? For instance, it will be quite exciting to try cooking, baking, cycling, learning a new language, reading a book.  Remember, there is still more to life than the corona virus; therefore, we should never let such things take us down. Always look on the bright side of a life.

Despite all the negativity surrounding the covid-19 pandemic, there have been some positive developments; it has managed to give nature the chance to recover. Surprisingly enough, because of human industrial inactivity and a noticeable drop in air-pollution, as well as a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, our planet, Earth, has finally managed to breathe. For instance, for the first time in years, the water in Venice is clearer than ever and the swans have returned. We have found the way back to nature’s heart. Isn’t that ironic and yet amazing? It goes without saying that it is our huge responsibility to protect mother nature in order to take care of ourselves, too.

This global pandemic has left the world shocked with countries relying on scientists to develop a vaccine that will save millions of lives. People all over the world are on edge. Some who have been infected have found themselves in hospital, battling with the disease, not having a chance to say goodbye to the people they love – a goodbye that unfortunately for some has been their last one without anyone by their side. The world must unite and win the battle against the disease which is killing our fellow humans!

This pandemic is putting our world through a lot. Nevertheless, once lockdown is over we must not go back to our old, habits. differently. It’s perfectly possible! During this crisis, we should never lose faith, we must always remember that better days are coming. Someone once said, “Tough situations build strong people.” Even though we have been feeling weaker every day during this pandemic, deep inside we have become stronger and stronger, and together, we will get through this challenging rough storm, defeating the virus and building a new, safer world.

Galatea Evgeniou (Year 5 student)

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