Erasmus+ KA2 programme from 2016-2018 entitled: S.P.A.R.E. = Self and Peer Assessment towards Revolutionary Education

A debating programme like no other; a multifaceted introduction to active European citizenship and the world of debating. The Erasmus+ experience was an opportunity through which we managed to research challenging issues in current affairs, develop our debating skills and create friendships with other Erasmus students – friendships that are still running strong today. With students participating from all across Europe, from Spain to Italy to Croatia, the debating programme was a great way for students to meet and learn about each other’s countries including their language, culture and more.

The Erasmus+ WeDebate programme lasted for a week – a week full of debates, speeches, discussions, brainstorming sessions alongside excursions to beautiful tourist attractions ranging from the rock of Aphrodite, to the old town of Nicosia. In the space of a few days, we mastered our debating skills and this experience has since influenced our participation in similar school activities such as the MUN (Model United Nations) conferences, where our Erasmus skills have proven to be extremely helpful. Our skills and lessons from Erasmus+ have also proven to be helpful in our academic lives. It has facilitated an effortless ability to construct arguments in essay-related subjects such as Economics, History, English where discursive writing is often a demanding area of the field.

Reflecting back to the experience, what we are most grateful for are the memories we’ve collected with both our friends in school as well as with the friends we made from other countries. Marking a monumental experience for all of us as members of the European community, a bond we will forever cherish, we give thanks to our school for giving us the opportunity to discover that part of our identity.

Georgios Neophytou (Year 7 student)
Nikolas Neophytou (Year 7 student)
Anastasia Sophie Borchadt Efstathiou (Year 7 student)

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