Medimun XV 2020

Medimun XV 2020

Medimun XV 2020;“Being a delegate for 3 days”

Being a delegate for 3 days has been an undoubtedly unforgettable experience! In fact… a highlight of my American Academy school life so far!

Taking things from the beginning, my journey towards the 15th Annual Session of Medimun started in early September 2019 when I had been selected along with ten other students to represent our school in the conference. A great responsibility and a truly great opportunity for us to explore what it feels like to stand up for a country’s views and be the voice of those who cannot be heard!

I was representing Israel in General Assembly 3 – being expected to support the views of the country on the grounds of climate induced migration from the Sahel region, expressing an urgent need to respect the rights of the members of the LGBTQ+ community and portraying the importance of improving education for young people in sustainable development. Through this, the conferenced offered me a unique opportunity to discuss a range of crucial international issues that are not only restricted upon affecting individuals but are magnified and expressed on a larger scale as of being capable of affecting regions, cities, countries and even the whole world to a great extent. Therefore, being exposed to a spectrum of beliefs and attitudes by a variety of countries along the globe, I found myself in a position to get a glimpse of the significance of the United Nations since the conference itself managed to act as a microcosm for the real-world assemblies held, where delegates from all around the world (unknown to each other and yet united by a common aim to achieved desired changes) discuss current issues that trouble the world and derive policies and solutions aiming to make the world a better place. And indeed, the experience did broadened my perspective of how the outside world looks like and enabled me to face the practical importance of representing a country and all those who are repressed and victimized by the world-wide current issues.

Looking back to the contribution of Medimun in influencing me as an individual, I can clearly state with no hesitation that the conference managed to drive me out of my comfort zone and get me to be a part of a great team with great people and great ideas! Ideas which not only enriched my knowledge but most importantly allowed me to have a better understanding of the importance of being an active citizen who maturely and determinately stands up for a better and safer future. In fact, through the practicing of the actual debate, I was motivated to walk through the pathway of tolerating diversity and respecting opposing views as the only way to bring about an immediate change and contribute as an individual in spreading awareness on the urgency to stimulate a shift away from difficulties and struggles. Through this, I was able to experience the beauty of belonging to a team and by being encouraged to publicly discuss current issues; I managed to improve my communication skills – a key quality towards future personal success.

As the press of the conference suggests; “some matters need shouting to be heard and MEDIMUN can be a source of volume, a way to meet someone to walk beside, a platform from which to jump into a world as its doors are being shut by those safely within its boundaries”, and in all honesty, being a delegate for 3 days gave me a massive opportunity to experience the importance of widening these boundaries, hoping for a brighter future where currently discussed issues can be dealt with through achieved changes for the benefits of humanity as a whole.

George Michaelides
Year 6 Student

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