The weir camp is one of the most fun experiences in the school it is organised from the school every summer it’s a very special camp that lasts for an entire week ant its available for students of years 1,2,3 as campers and years 5&6 as helpers.  

I have been on both sides of the experience and I have to admit; it was life changing!  As a camper, there are two sides, the learning part and the fun part. During my years as a camper, I made a lot of friends and learned a ton of stuff that can not be taught inside a classroom, and I don’t mean maths and English   I mean real life lessons. For example, I learned to be organised with my personal belongings, to be clean and tidy with my space, and most importantly I learned how to respect both my classmates and my helpers.  And then comes the fun part nature walks, kalidonia waterfalls, Kakopetria, endless football and basketball games, ping pong, tournaments for every single possible game, talent show, Party, and my personal favourite the legion run course. An obstacle course designed from your helpers for a single purpose; to get your adrenaline sky high. I had so much fun and loved every single bit of it. I left the camp site as a completely different person, and I promised to myself that I will return. 

A couple of years later I fulfilled my promise and I returned to this amazing week. This time though was very different. This time I was a helper. And if you thought that being a camper was fun, being a helper is an entirely different level. Firstly, it has some responsibilities like being able to guide younger campers in the same amazing experience you had. This includes organising games, tournaments, talent show, party, and carefully crafting the legion run course in order to make it as fun but yet as safe as possible, and of course you get to have an exclusive first try to get the first-hand feel. Then, there is the ability to connect with your classmates even more and create new friendships. 

Overall weir camp was a remarkable experience from both points of view and I would highly recommend it to every single student. 

Constantinos Pytharas
(Year 7 student)

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