Let’s go camping!

The summer is always fun when there’s a camping trip involved. One of the most anticipated events of the academic year takes place in the summer, and it’s an experience that’s special for campers, student helpers and teacher co-ordinators alike. Every July, students have the unique opportunity of spending an exciting week at Weir Camp on Troodos mountains, that is packed with fun group activities like hiking, games, handicrafts, discussions, films, excursions, picnics and parties.

July is a month all students look forward to, because even though school’s out for the summer, there’s a lot of fun that awaits them in the cool shelter of our Weir Camp location, in Troodos mountain. During their week-long stay Students sleep in tents in groups of 6 — 10 (maximum) and learn to live with others, working together in games and fun projects. With the assistance and guidance of student helpers – upper school students who take on a leadership role at the Camp — students are expected to work together to ensure that their camp is kept clean. There are approximately 60 students in each camping group and together, everyone is guaranteed to have a lot of fun.

Weir Camp has always been a big part of student life at the American Academy Larnaca and aims to provide students with opportunities to:

  • Enjoy themselves in a productive, constructive and healthy way
  • Learn to live with others in a mutually supportive but independent way
  • Experience a unique environment of beauty and ecological importance
  • Explore and appreciate the distinctive geographical, environmental and cultural region of Cyprus
  • Participate in outdoor programmes and activities which will strengthen their character and enrich them spiritually
  • Develop self-sufficiency and respect for basic routines and tasks often taken for granted
  • Develop insightful, meaningful and lasting relationships with other students


The safety and well-being of all participating students is of paramount importance to us and so over time we have developed a comprehensive method of organisation. This involves a strict code of discipline. The escorting teachers undertake the responsibility for the smooth running and supervision of the camp. Parents are encouraged to advise their child, as we will do, to behave in a manner that we are generally accustomed to and which will make us all proud of our students.

Nurturing Excellence

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