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How to join the Brotherhood

It feels good to be a part of a team that is motivated to create positive change within the school, and in the community, and joining the Brotherhood team, will really gratify students who passionately believe in making a difference. To join the Brotherhood, you need to be elected as a class representative in your mentor class. During the first semester, elected representatives along with the Brotherhood Executive Committee attend two-day conference that is focused on raising student issues and concerns and also decides on the official campaigns for the academic year.

Becoming a part of the Brotherhood Executive Committee is a big responsibility, and one that students enjoy taking on. The elected president of the school is always a Year 7 student, and the election is often preceded by speeches from the candidates, through which they express their contributions to the School, as well as their goals for the academic year. The remaining positions are taken up by representatives from Years 4 to 6, and follow a school-wide voting procedure that usually takes place in October.

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