School Clubs

School Clubs

The benefits gained by the students who are involved in after school activities are wide and varied. They range from physical benefits due to the promotion of increased activity, to psychological and social advantages. Scientific research proves that encouraging children to engage in activities after school could aid their development.

Experts in child advancement suggest that participation in extracurricular activities on a regular basis is the best way to help children develop their individual personality, cut down on emotional stress, and enhance social or academic skills that would be beneficial for them in the future. Psychologists even recommend after school activities as the preferred choice over confidence-building classes. By mingling and working with people outside the classroom setting, youths begin to learn the value of improvisation, the sharing of ideas, and the provision of support to peers in challenging circumstances.

Taking into consideration all of the above, as well as, the students’ interests and orientations, each teacher’s talents and the school’s needs we have created a wide range of Clubs which are divided in the following five categories:

Nurturing Excellence

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