School Competitions

School Competitions

Parents, nowadays tend to believe that competition in schools develop self-discipline and drive in students to achieve more. This competition, however, needs to be purposed and packaged in a way which will encourage slow learners instead diminishing their confidence. Healthy competition in schools aims at helping children learn more about themselves as well as about their motivations.

Students learn that every competition produces losers and winners, however, this should not define or disappoint them. The spirit of healthy competition teaches students the importance of taking a healthy risk instead of only attending activities that they are comfortable with. It teaches them to step out of their comfort zone and get involved with new risky activities which may grow to love.

Teachers who spot that a student is unsportsmanlike or unmotivated, are given a wonderful opportunity to step in and teach him/her a valuable life lesson about developing the right attitude toward facing challenges. In a supportive environment, during childhood, parents and teachers can together teach a child to compete with love, respect and acceptance.

In addition, healthy competition teaches students to deal with pressure and stress. It prepares them for an adult life where they will not drown under pressure but will be well-equipped with plenty of coping techniques under their belt.

The American Academy Extra-Curricular Activities Programme offers students the opportunity to participate in a number of competitions, such as:

Academic Competitions

Mathematics Olympiad (Regional and PanCyprian competitions)
European Kangourou Mathematics Competition
Student Relay Competition
Junior Achievement Competition
Greek Play Competition
Youth & Volunteerism Programme Annual Competition
School Talent Show


Sports Competitions Organised by the Ministry of Education 

School District/PanCyprian/PanHellenic Individual Competitions
Track & Field
Cross Country Race
Table Tennis
Rhythmic Gymnastics

School District/PanCyprian/PanHellenic Team Competitions
Track & Field Relays

Sports Competitions Organised by the School

Inner School Cross Country Race
Sports Day
Inner School Tournaments

Nurturing Excellence

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